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All Psychic Readings/Healing's/Meditations are for Entertainment Purposes Only

You, as a Client are personally responsible for your own actions.

Any Reading or Healing/Meditation you receive is never a substitute for Medical Advice. We are not Physicians. Please seek a Medical Expert for these Questions

Any Information that you receive is not legally binding. Myself, Charity J. Surette, Soul Connection Psychics Coaching & Consults or any Advisor/Reader will not be held liable for any actions that you decide to take due to any information you receive.

We can assume no legal liability for damages, losses or consequences of any members decisions, subsequent to or based on any Readings, Healing's or Meditations.

You the Client/Member agree to these terms by Purchasing a Reading or Healing or any Service on this Site.

Soul Connection Psychics

Entertainment Purposes Only.


We do not offer Refunds on any of our Services due to the time and energy given.



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