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1pm Est. to 8pm Est.

Register with our simple and secure service and from then on you will be able to connect with the Psychic of your choice seamlessly.

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How do I use the 1-800 Dial-In service?
To use the system, you need to have your unique Dial-In ID and PIN. To access your Dial-In ID and PIN, in the Member Web Interface, User Profile section, click on the Update Dial-In Pin link. There, you will see your unique Dial-In ID and you will be prompted to create your own personal Dial-In PIN. Once you have these numbers, you can begin using the Dial-In service by calling  1-888-626-7386.. You will also need the Advisor's/Psychics PIN, which is below by their phones


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Psychic Empath Beth/Elizabeth

Intuitive Empath Beth

Hi! I'm Beth! I am an Empath & Intuitive reader. I have always enjoyed helping others find their calm and inner strength. My strongest gifts for as long as I can remember have been my Clairsentience & Claircognizance. These are the abilities of clear feeling and clear knowing. I do, however, tap in my other Clairs when messages come in strong! I use Oracle & Tarot Card along with Pendulum dowsings to help with guidance when receiving special individual messages. I look forward to helping with individual struggles, reassurance & peace of mind where I can! 

Not Available? Click phone to request call back or to see their Schedule

PIN# 165213

$1.00 per minute

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Psychic Healer Charity

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Psychic Healer


Not Available? Click phone to request call back or to see their Schedule

PIN# 154083

$1.00 per minute

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Welcome I am a Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach, Certified Transformation Coach, Empath as well as an Intuitive Reader. I also use the help of Tarot and Oracle cards to receive messages to help you hear the guidance your needing right now. I use my gifts to help people who are struggling in life by being able to help them to see the beauty and abundance they already have in their life. I am here to help guide you through difficult situations or concerns and answer any questions you may have concerning your life with the help of my Guides and Angels. I look forward to connecting with you

Psychic Medium Amy


I am an Intuitive Psychic Medium and Light Worker I am also an IEG Empath who connects with guides, teachers and ascended masters to help you during difficult times in life. I have 40 plus years of speaking with spirit and countless years of wisdom and experience with addiction issues, children, and mental health. I am also able to identify and unblock no longer needed energies for you to unlock your own potential. I love mentoring and helping with any Spiritual Awakening issues or life in general. I also do card readings as well. Looking forward to connecting with you

five stars_edited.jpg

Psychic Medium


Not Available? Click phone to request call back or to see their Schedule


$1.00 per minute

        Life areas covered during our sessions with you may include:

Love and Soulmate


Past Lives

Karmic Connections


Career Opportunities and Promotion

Money Matters

Certified Life Coaching

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires

Dream Discovery


Channeling of Angels

Personal Growth and Spiritual Development 

Soul Connection Psychic

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