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An Introduction to Crystals

It seems as if the using of crystals has become a new trend, because its popularity has been gaining ground in recent years again. But, did you know that crystals have been used for thousands and thousands of years for various purposes? Ancient Egypt harnessed the power of crystals for lights and running water in their ancient cities. The pyramid of Giza itself is reputed to be a giant crystal conductor. As long as man has roamed the Earth, he has also harnessed the powers of the Earth's various minerals. So, what's the big deal with crystals, and why should it mean anything to you? This is an introductory to the basics of crystals and stones for personal use.

First, there are two main categories that every type of metaphysical stone will fall under (and hundreds of sub-categories); a crystal or a mineral. All of these are of the Earth, formed through various geological conditions and phenomena. The most popular of these are crystals, which form in various colors of glass-like formations and can be harvested in the right geological conditions all over the world. Crystals are beautiful. They draw us to them. Every single thing that makes up this universe is consisted of cells, which are energy, and energy is eternal. Virtually everyone can feel the energy of crystals. Each type of crystal will have its own energy, and each crystal of each type will also have an individual energy.

Tumbled stones are smoothed and polished for visual appeal and easy carrying.

Crystals are conductors, and can amplify their energy in different ways depending on their color and shape. Just as crystals themselves have different frequencies, so does color. By combining the two, one can get many different healing benefits. For example, green light projected through a crystal can regenerate the body and heal wounds. Purple light is used to enhance spirituality (is it no wonder we are all drawn to Amethyst?) and connect us to the God Center. Clear or white crystals are examples of pure positive energy in the Universe, and we generally associate them with the Divine just as we do the White Light.

The most popular of the crystals are the five main cousins of the Quartz family; Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, and Citrine. They tend to grow in clusters, where many crystal points will crowd together on a formation of the minerals they grow from. The individual crystals on these clusters (known usually as points) can vary in size from the tiniest grain of sand to bigger than a car. There are five general types of these crystals that can be found on the market: Clusters, or groups of crystals formed together; Individual points, which have been separated; Rough Specimens, which is the name given to unpolished pieces; Tumble stones, which are small polished pieces that are usually smooth and shiny; and Shapes, which can vary from orbs to carved skulls to just about anything.

A Smoky Quartz point.

Quartz are hardy, and easy to keep. They are used in rough form as gentle energy cleansers/enhancers by being scattered around your home or yard. Clusters, sometimes called a Druzy, are both decorative and powerful, and oftentimes are used as charging centers to clear negativity off of other stones (all of the crystals in the Quartz family can be used to clear the energies of all of the other minerals and crystals). They are also used as conductors. Points are used in energetic healing; to direct energy either to or from the user or a specific thing. Tumble stones are carried in the pocket so the person carrying it can benefit from having the energy of them within their auric field. Shaped stones are used as decorations, totems, and meditative company, and serve the same purpose as a tumbled stone… But they are usually too big to carry in your pocket.

An example of rough Rose Quartz and a shaped crystal ball.

Quartz does need to be cleaned regularly to rid it of residual negative energy, because it will naturally pull it from the environment around it. There are many ways to clean your Quartz. You can purify it in saltwater. You can bathe it in smoke with any of the herbs used for cleaning and clearing. You can clean it with sound baths. You can set it out under the Full Moon and let nature's own gravity carry away the negativity and recharge it. You can also bury it, and by returning it to the Earth for a while, it will restore itself again to full power. There is almost no wrong way to clean a Quartz crystal. However, it is recommended that Citrine be kept out of direct sunlight as it will naturally bleach the color out of them.

When choosing a crystal, it is best to have an idea of what you would like to accomplish with it, and how you will use it. For example, if you wanted one to heal your broken heart, you would pick a Rose Quartz you could carry with you and meditate with, because Rose Quartz puts us in our heart center. It also eases stress and increases fertility. Citrine brings abundance, heals the solar plexus and enhances creativity. Amethyst expands consciousness and heals the nervous system. Smoky Quartz counteracts radiation, protects against negativity, and heals the emotions. Clear Quartz amplifies whatever intention you put into it, clears your personal energy field, and aligns both the chakras and the harmony of mind-body-spirit. However, there is no wrong way to choose a crystal. When we are looking for one, the one we will need will seem to call to us, and we will naturally be drawn to choose it. A person with no knowledge of crystals and minerals can go into a store full of them and will subconsciously choose the ones their body or spirit needs for healing. The rule of thumb is to always pick the one you feel drawn to.


Different people will also react differently to crystals when they come into contact with them. For example, a citrine might enhance courage and confidence in one person, but make another egotistical. Garnet might enhance passion, or incite anger (I cannot use garnet because it makes me angry). Every person, and every crystal, is so uniquely individual that it is wise to always listen to yourself when choosing one, and not just purchase one because somebody said it would be good for you.

Now that we have laid the basic knowledge and foundation for introducing you to crystals, we can go deeper in more articles about individuals, combinations, and how to use them. Remember, however, to always listen to your intuition when it comes to anything you use for healing, meditation, or transformation. If something doesn't feel right to you; discard it. Life is an entirely personal journey, and it is up to you to make the most of it. May you journey always be full of positive energy and abundance.

An Amethyst cluster


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