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Soul Connection Card of the Day

Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles stands in the center of a stone balcony.

He holds a large disc in his hands and is gazing at it intently. He wears the colors of the earth for his clothing and the white tunic represents the pure knowledge of his situation. Behind him is a field of grasses and flowers gleaming with life. A bull’s head appears at the clasp of the Page’s cape and as a belt around his waist. The bull is the creature of earth and it symbolizes hard work and the tools of the trade. A fleur-de-lis appears at the two corners of the tunic, symbolizing duty and honor.

So today's message is to be focused and engaged in what you are doing. Look at and understand the things around you.

Some may be noticed for the hard work you have put it and in return you are be rewarded.

There is also potential for new beginnings to appear in your life, such as a raise or promotion or even some new financial opportunity. So, pay attention to your surroundings and grasp any new opportunities that may appear



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