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Soul Connection Psychics Weekly Message

Letting Go In Order to Move Forward

This week it looks like some may still be holding onto people or situations from the past and this is keeping you from making good decisions now in the present.

Remember we go through situations and meet people at certain times in our life for a reason. You could have needed to learn a lesson or needed help in a certain area of your life at that time and when that has been accomplished those people and situations move on so that we can move onto the next Lesson or Life Experience that we are meant to achieve.

So let go of the past because you cant change it.

Now is the time to be determined and make a choice in your life to help you move forward toward happiness.

Your Angels and Guides are with you, all you have to do is ask them for guidance to help you figure out the next best steps because when your able to do that you will accomplish amazing things in your life.

Best Wishes,


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