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Follow your Heart

Temperance - Queen of Blades - King of Wands - Page of Cups

This week is all about following your heart, your passions, and not let anyone persuade you otherwise.

The Temperance shows that two people are arguing. They're not agreeing on a situation and that's ok. You need to follow your own heart even if another person doesn't agree with you.

Queen of Blades- She has a more scientific mind. She is pointing her finger at you and saying," Listen to me, you can't do it that way", Why can't you? It's your dream, not hers.

King of Wands

Shows a blind man running a marathon with his dog, his friend, guiding him. See even though he's blind, he knows what his goal is and he's going for it!!. He even has some family and friends cheering him on. Could even be your Spiritual team.

Page of Cups

Shows a little girl showing you her artwork. She is so happy with having her dreams come true. She followed her heart and now she is able to share her passions with others.

So, this week you need to follow your heart and do what your passionate about, no matter what anyone else tells you. If you're doing something that your heart loves then you will never fail.

Have a great week :)



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