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Weekly Message "Where are your thoughts Focused?

Message for the Week May 17, 2021

10 of Swords, The Magician, The Fool

This week some of you may feel like nothing is going right. You could feel betrayed

or have a victim mindset. The circumstances around you are coming up because of your mental motility, not because someone else is trying to destroy you. As you can see in the next card, The Magician, it shows that you need to plant your seed of positivity in your garden/mind for you to get out of this mindset. You have available to you everything you need if you would just see it and focus on it. What is your true desire? Your goal? Well, you can achieve anything you focus your mind on, which shows in the next card, The fool. The fool is all about new beginnings, taking risks, even though you may not know at this exact moment how you’re going to make your dreams come true, you still have the faith and mentality that it will all work out.

So, this week leave behind those negative thoughts that are destroying your future and only focus on the positive events that you would like to achieve

Have a Great Week

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