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What is an Empath?

Hi, everybody! Today we’re talking about Empathy. Most of us in the witchcraft community have heard about it, but it’s sometimes hard to define.

The short and sweet definition is this: Empath - Someone who tends to be hypersensitive to the emotions and emotional states of others.

Empaths are people who feel things so deeply that it affects them emotionally, physically, and spiritually. This is a gift that some are blessed with, that allow them to connect with people on an intimate level, and is most often used to help others. Some famous empaths include Carrie Fisher, Princess Diana, Mother Theresa, and Maya Angelou.

There are many different types of Empathy, and and most Empaths specialize in two or more different energies.

Here’s a list with a short description:

Emotional Empath - One of the most common types of empaths who picks up the emotions of others around them and feel the effects of those emotions as if they were theirs.

Physical Empath - Can pick up on the energy of other people’s bodies. They intuitively know what ails another person. Nature Empath - Sometimes called place or environmental empathy. Those with this ability have a fine attunement to the physical landscape, nature, the earth, or plants and trees.

Intuitive Empath - One glance at someone can give them all kinds of insight into that person. They will immediately know if someone is lying to them because they can sense the intentions behind their words.

Spirit Empath - An ordinary spirit worker can communicate and sometimes see spirits, but the spirit empath has a very strong sense of spirits’ emotions just like emotional empaths are with humans.

Myself, I specialize as an Emotional and Physical Intuitive Empath. The most common thing I am told from clients that I help, is that I give them a name for what is hurting them. Often, we hurt without knowing why, and being able to name your pain is incredibly validating and assists in getting the proper help for problems.

I’d also like to make a quick note on Energy Vampires. There are many misconceptions and hurtful stereotypes about this kind of Empathy, and I’d like to clear them up.

Energy Vampire - Someone who needs to receive energy from an outside source on a regular basis (does not include sanguine vampires).

A very dear friend of mine is an energy vampire. This does not mean she maliciously steals energy from people, but rather, without receiving energy or going long periods in isolation, she gets very sick. There are many safe, consensual ways to transfer energy to a person in need. In fact, many people to identify as extroverts have immense surplus of energy, and discharge them to the people around them, often without knowing.

Note: please practice safe, sane, and consensual energy flow, so that you do not unintentionally harm yourself or others.

Wondering if you yourself might be an empath? Here’s a great article on discerning your empathetic qualities:

And as always, if you have any questions, you can talk to one of us here at Soul Connection Psychics

May you be Blessed!

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