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Your Soul Connection Card of the Day

YOUR SOUL CONNECTION CARD OF THE DAY: The 10 of Wands; reversed. Struggling with the load. A boy barely manages to carry ten wands awkwardly across a meadow. His eyes are upon the city in the distance - his next destination, as he tries to hold it all together in a final push to make it there. If he doesn't keep moving; he'll drop everything, and the sky indicates that night is approaching. In a reversed position; this card indicates that you are tired of the struggle, ready to give up, and "drop your load." Wands are cards of energy, motivation, and passions. Have you lost the drive to pursue your passions? Did you wake up today disenchanted with the load you must carry to reach your desired destination? ...While this card indicates that you are feeling ready to drop it all and move away; be thoughtful in your actions. We are all creators, and it is harder to start over from nothing than it is to take a mental health break and continue on. Ask yourself if the goal is worth the load you carry. If it is; by all means rest - but don't quit just yet!

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