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Your Soul Connection Card of the Day


Out with the old; in with the new!

The Death card has a tendency to make people feel uneasy; we have been conditioned to associate this card with something negative, or even literal death. It may even look a little frightening, but on the contrary, Death is a really positive card to have pulled in a reading.

Here we see (or don't see because the figure is actually shrouded in mystery) Death standing alone, holding his rose-adorned sword. The reason we don't see the face of Death is symbolic of the fact that most people never see in a literal sense when something has given way and is no longer with us until after the fact. There is a pile of bones at Death's feet; this is symbolic of those who have already passed through the phase of this life and have moved on to the next. As foreboding as it looks on the surface; if you look closely you will also notice the beautiful valley and the white light just beyond Death, and the guardian flying in the background.

Death is the transformation card. What we once knew has fallen away, because it has to in order to make room for what is now coming to be. This stage of your life is coming to a close, and the new leg of your journey is about the begin. You are being transformed from who you were, and are about to be reborn. In order for us to grow, we have to transform. In order for us to move on to brighter things, we have to let go of old patterns, belief systems, and versions of ourselves that no longer serve us. This kind of change can be just as frightening to us as pondering the face of Death, and is usually just as mysterious to us, as we do not see the full reasoning behind change until we have already transformed.

Never fear transformation. It is necessary for the growth of our souls to lay things to rest and move forward. Rejoice that this stage of your journey is now drawing to a close, and you are about to be reborn into a stage that is far more aligned with your true soul purpose.

...I personally think that pulling this card on Friday the 13th during a Full Moon phase is a powerful, hope-inspiring message. Think of the valley and the light beyond. Be proud of yourself for all you have endured and learned to lead you to this place. Know that a new tomorrow is here!

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