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Your Soul Connection Card of the Day

Saturday, September 14

The Devil; Reversed

You know what you need to let go of.

The Devil is another one of those cards that people instantly associate with negativity. Interesting that it came up today after pulling the Death card yesterday (For the record; I shuffle the deck many, many times before pulling a card). However, this card serves more as a friendly reminder than a dark omen.

When we look at the card, we see the figure in the forefront that is both beautiful and frightening. There is a stairway that leads to him indicating a path that is chosen, and a foreboding chamber beyond that indicates constriction. Below him are figures that appear trapped and almost lamenting... But do you see that there are actually no chains binding them? They are trapped of their own accord, and can get up and leave as soon as they realize they are the only ones holding them there. Symbols of the four elements hang in the forefront. The pentagram, which in this card is a sign of personal power, hangs from the cloaked figure in the forefront. The message here is that it is all about personal power and influence whether or not you choose to stay in a situation that you know is not good or right for you. Just like the figures below who are almost reverent in their suffering; there is nothing holding one back from exiting this kind of torture except awareness of self.

In the negative position, this card reminds us to stay the course on the right path, and to guard ourselves against addictions. Addictions come in many forms. What patterns have you been holding onto that are self-defeating? Even using one's insecurity as a weapon to try to control others is a form of addiction. This card in the reversed position also warns about giving in to the pressures that others put upon you. Have you been victim to the manipulations of others? Have you taken on a burden that isn't really yours? The Devil reversed reminds us that to be truly free, we are better off walking away from habits and people that only damage us... And that we can in fact walk away if we just raise our own awareness. There are no chains holding us in place.

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