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Your Soul Connection Card of the Day


Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The Eight of Cups

Will you go deeply to find yourself?

A woman in red stands before the great unknown, clad in red for courage that flows loose and free about her. The moon is full and ripe; it is a time of magic. Eight cups surround her in virtual perfect symmetry. The road ahead is dark - unknown - but there is nothing foreboding in the distance, and she stands ready to step into it.

In a poetic sense, this woman is leaving everything known to her behind her to step into the future. She is wise enough to know it is time to move forward, even if the destination is not yet illuminated by the sun. Cups are cards relating to feelings, emotions, creativity, and intuition. They are also often seen as the relationship cards of the Tarot.

Are you in a relationship you have known is wrong for you, and are ready to move forward? It might not even necessarily be a love relationship. It might be something else that is steering you away from your passion, or away from where your intuition is leading you. The eight of cups urges to look within, and to separate yourself so that you may journey once more into the future that is meant for you. You need to seek to deepen your connection to this aspect of you, and just like the woman, be unafraid as you head off on your own.

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