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Your Soul Connection Card of the Day

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Two of Swords, Reversed:

What instincts guide you?

In the Two of Swords, a woman is rising out of the mist clasping two beautiful swords. The moon is full in the background, the ocean is relatively calm. However, she is blindfolded, and cannot use her vision to decide what she needs to do next. She needs to rely on her other senses; what she can hear, smell, and feel, and what her intuition tells her. Will she fight? She is prepared to if she must.

Because swords are cards of thoughts, feelings, and actions, this card indicates that there are decisions to be made, and one must rely on more than one can see on the surface to make the right decision. In the reversed position, the card asks if you are being too picky with the information being received, and if you are actually listening. You must rely on your feelings, and your intuition, or you might easily be led astray.

From time to time, we all get caught up in the things we want and the places we want to go, and end up so blinded by our goals that we fail to listen. We also have a tendency to place a picture of what we think we need in our mind, and become so attached to the picture that we refuse to deviate from it... and at times that picture will never match up to reality.

The two of swords reversed calls on you to look deep within yourself for truths, and to really know your goals and surroundings before you spring into action.

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