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Your Soul Connection Card of the Day

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Queen of Swords

Don't let them underestimate you.

The Queen stands tall in an open chamber. There is a vast and rugged wilderness outside and she is not phased. The wings on the pillars of the chamber represent air (which is representative also of swords). She wields a beautiful sword in her hand, and possesses the skills to use it, but is not poised to attack with it. In her eyes is the wisdom of the ages. She appears to be deep in thought, or ready to speak. Her crown is weathered, because she has been though much, and the points on it are as sharp as the sword. She is symbolic of strength, wisdom, and cunning.

When the Queen of Swords comes into your reading, it is a reminder that you have all of the necessary tools to succeed in what you are doing. There are times in this life where we let our emotions override our logic, and she is reminding you that logic and experience will always draw you to the correct conclusions. Swords are the suit of thoughts, words, and actions. So this card can be both reminding you to think well and rely on your inner wisdom before you act, but also tells you that you have all of the wisdom inside you that you need. You don't need to attack something with a sword when you can use cool, clear logic... and people sometimes forget that the gentler way is the better way. Even if people underestimate you because your crown is tarnished, never forget that it got that way because of battles past and because of all of the learning experiences that led you here today.

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