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Your Weekly Reading for June 21-27

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Your Card reading for the week of June 21 through 27:

If you are anything like me, you have been feeling some kind of way lately. Mercury went retrograde again, and a few other planets are keeping it company; namely Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and Pluto. This alone can cause us to feel a little muddled and lost. Because we are in Cancer Season, everything we feel is going to be emotional for us. For those of you whose signs are not water signs, these emotional journeys can be hard to navigate. Remember; the best way through them is to simply let yourself feel. So much of the time, we close our selves off from our true feelings, and tend to focus on other things. However, emotion will not be subdued forever. Don’t beat your loved ones with your pent-up emotions – but don’t lock them up, either. Feeling is all part of the growing process.

We have had some weeks now that have called us to go through some momentous stages of growth, which have not been particularly comfortable. It is easy to feel as if we are drowning in ourselves, as well as the negativity of others, with everything that has been going on. Stay the course. Remember that we need to go through these periods to inflict radical change upon our societies. When coming up against something that is uncomfortable, try to not get defensive against it. Try instead to sit with it awhile, and if you can, acknowledge it, and the fact that someone else’s tragedy in the spotlight does not remove all of the trauma of your own life or make it lesser. It’s just not your time to talk of yourself. We all need to acknowledge each other, or there is no point in empathy at all. A society without empathy is madness.

What is the theme this week?

The Sun:

The Sun is one of those beautiful Major Arcana cards that speaks of the light and the love that is of the light. When I think of the Sun card, I think of the joy of simplicity and everything that seems minute that surrounds us. Think of how wonderful it feels to have the Sun on your face after a period of darkness. The Sun feeds and nurtures all life on our planet. Beneath it, everything grows and flourishes.

We need to get back to simplicity this week, and remember the joy we have in living life in all of the millions of simple ways we are nourished. When was the last time you felt free; like the children in the card? What is it that makes you feel this way?

When we fail to heed the message of the Sun, we feel as if life is on hold for us, and we are stuck, and there is not much to feel grateful about. However, feeling this way does not mean our lives are actually empty – we just can’t see past the tips of our noses to realize how full life actually is. If you find yourself feeling like you are stuck this week, in stasis, going nowhere that you’d really like to go; try and look for the tiny moments of joy. They don’t have to be big things. Happiness isn’t about status or anything material – it is a state of being that finds the simple pleasures in everyday living and holds them tightly. The Sun is the child dancing in a meadow. The butterfly kissing the flowers. The grass bowing gently to the breeze. Remember that true freedom lies in finding one’s self whole in these moments, and realizing that there really is beauty and wholeness that is always within our reach.

Advice to navigate this week’s theme:

The Eight of Pentacles:

Pentacles are our material world, and the eights always signify the changes before the end of a cycle. Here we are called to hone our skills and work with dedication towards what it is we want from our material worlds. There are things yet to perfect, and work that needs to be tended to… But this is not a card of toil and tarry. In the card, an artisan is focused on his task and not paying attention to the world outside of where he works. Likewise, the material dreams we have been working towards needs our attention. We still have areas we can polish up and hone to get to where we want to go. For many of the previous weeks, certain cards have spoken about moving towards what ignites us, and remaining steadfast in what we are cultivating. Keeping up with this part of our journeys, we need to tend to our attention to detail and remember that one never stops learning or honing their craft. It is likely that by devoting some quality time in this area, we will unlock many of those moments of happiness I spoke of earlier.

The Hermit:

This Major Arcana card speaks of going deep within ourselves to examine what lies there; and what better time to do this than watery, emotional Cancer season? The Hermit goes alone not because he has no choice but to be that way, but because he knows that all of the answers he seeks are within him, and he can find them if he searches in a way that is free from distraction. He navigates the darkness with no fear, and knows he holds the light to see his way through to where he is going.

I think we often forget that we are bearers of light; especially lately. It has been so easy to fall into despair; we forget that we are our own saviors and highest council. I think it is sound advice to look within when you cannot seem to find the answers ‘out there’ in the world. I also think that we can all benefit right now from a little quiet introspection.

If you notice, the advice ties into the theme this week in a way that shows us benefitting from time on our own. Often is the case that we seek the comfort of others when we feel despair. We are being told to draw inward this week. While this can sometimes be uncomfortable, it is necessary to get us back on track with ourselves. So often is the case that we look to others for validation, or support, that we forget that we are first and foremost our greatest champions. So, when you start to feel down, go inward. Focus on yourself, and what you really want and are working towards. Know the answers you seek really do lie within you.

Projected outcomes if you follow the advice:

The Four of Pentacles, Reversed;

This is another card that deals with possessions and the material world. Fours are cards that call us to dwell upon our stability. This particular card in this position warns about the belief that one’s life is lacking materially. If you have ever heard about the Law of Attraction, you know it speaks about the power of our thoughts in creating our reality. In this regard, if we dwell constantly on what we don’t have, or might not have, we will always view the world from a place of lack and poverty.

The beautiful irony here is that we overcome this the easiest by giving away what it is we wish to grow for ourselves. If you want more money; give your money freely. If you want your life filled with possessions, be generous in your giving of them. It sounds counterproductive, but it actually opens the channels to allow everything to flow back to us. Everything in this life is reciprocal. What we put out into the world comes back. So, if you want a better life materially, first you have to selflessly give unto others as you would have given to you.

This does not mean you need to sell off all of your worldy goods. Just be giving and generous whenever you can, and trust that by giving freely, the world gives freely back to you.

The King of Swords:

This King is of the air, and of action. He has mastered the art of controlling his kingdom and does not fear the future… However, he is also skilled enough to defend it if need be. He is unconcerned about the darkness at his back as he is not going that way. His thoughts are clear and precise. He knows he can handle the burdens and blessings that are his to carry.

So, after all of this going inward, this honing of skill, and this giving freely, we will come to a place where we find our true mastery in thought and action. The path we need to take will become very clear for us, and the road ahead will be visible. You should be able to easily recognize the truth of this when it arrives. Just like the King of Swords, you should be able to meet the vision of that future without malice, misgivings, or insecurities. True mastery balances all things and sits confident in one’s capabilities – even while knowing that this journey we are upon will always find us learning something new. Mastery never has laurels to sit upon – but it is still a great power within us that is ours to share outward to the world.

Final Thoughts:

Knight of Pentacles, Reversed:

Knights can be impetuous by their nature. They are not quite in their mastery yet, but feel skilled enough to charge forth into the world. This reversal is telling us to be careful about making rash judgments or sharing biased opinions about the material world. We do not know of which we speak when we do. I find this an interesting final thought with the current events right now. How often do we charge forth in our not-quite-educated opinions lately? I know I have seen it often enough, and I am sure I have been guilty of it once or twice. The advice of the week says twice over to focus on ourselves. I think that when the opportunity crops up to share our opinions on current events, we would do better to follow the advice, and keep those opinions to ourselves unless we actually do have mastery in that area. It is not our place to demand that the world share our opinion, or even agree with it at all. Thoughts are not facts, and what is reality through one person’s eyes cannot be fathomed by another.

So, focus on you. Focus on what skills you are building, what work needs to be done internally, and what you have to give that cultivates goodness. Stick to your mastery and let others stick to theirs. Find the Sun in every moment you can. Steer away from being the uninformed dictator. Most of all, keep love in the center of your soul and hold space where you can for this weeping world, that we may all climb into the Sun one day soon together.

All my love,


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