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Your Weekly Reading for June 28th through July 4th:

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

We are well into Cancer season now, and with it comes a lot of feelings. I am sure that everyone has been affected by the changes going on celestially. Venus is direct again, so you may be finding yourself reconciling woes of months past with your loved ones. Mars has entered Aries, which means that we will be feeling more awake spiritually. I think this is coming for us just in time. Our reading this week seems to carry these energies with it well.

What is the theme for the week?

The Hermit:

Major Arcanas always deal with lessons that last our lifetimes. The Hermit is the card of introspection; of going within one’s self for answers. Unlike the Hierophant, who represents wisdom and traditional council, the Hermit represents looking deeply within one’s self in a philosophic manner, to pull from the knowledge that lies within all of us and often stays hidden from our conscious minds. This week, we are going to search our souls, and seek out our inner truths. With Mars in position there is a very good chance that we are going to pick apart our spiritual demons this week and make peace with them. We may also find that utilizing this inner compass causes us to make peace with those who are important to us, too. The key to the theme this week is that the answers you are seeking lay within you.

…I know; that isn’t an answer I like to be given, either. It’s so much easier if someone can just give us a map. But… We have the map. It’s in there. And, this week, we are going to pull it out and look at it for a spell.

Advice to navigate this theme:

The Six of Wands:

The Sixes are all about growth. With wands, we are discussing fire, and passions. We seem to be dwelling a lot on our passions this year. I personally feel we are all coming to the conclusion that a life that doesn’t move us emotionally or spiritually is an empty one. The Six of Wands is all about pulling out your confidence in yourself and growing it. When I speak of confidence, I speak of what I refer to as the True Ego. The True Ego within each of us is where we store our real identity. It is the inner “I am.” Opposing it is the False Ego, which is fed by insecurities and fears. True Ego doesn’t act out of fear or a need for recognition, because it already knows who and what it is. We all have this truth within us. For some of us, it is deeply repressed, but nonetheless there.

As you are wading the emotional waters deep within you this week, try to look through the eyes of this True Ego. Don’t tell yourself you have come to a conclusion about life if it comes from a place of fear, or lack, or insecurity. Dwell on that which truly resonates with your deepest inner truths. If you can harness the Hermit energy this week, you can make profound progress on your soul work.

Likely outcomes of the week:

The Moon:

The Moon is also Major Arcana, and most people associate it with muddled thinking, confusion, and a little darkness. To me, the Moon is deeply emotional, and reflective. The Moon is also the planet that rules Cancer, and we moved into Cancer season on the solstice. Tying this in with the theme and the advice cards, this inner work we will be called to do is going to be highly emotional for us, and at times may have us feeling stymied as we pull out our own inner truths.

It is going to become clear to us just what it is we have been holding onto that is illusory. This is a good thing, because once identified, we can start taking the proper steps to let it go. Letting go of belief patterns that no longer serve us is heavy work. To actually accomplish it, we have to break down conditioned patterns in our minds that have served our survival for generations. It won’t be comfortable work, but it is vital for us to do it.

The Tower:

Once we go inward and identify what does not serve, we can get on with the demolition of tearing it down. The Tower card foretells of that very happening. Another Major Arcana, the Tower comes to rip apart the old foundations we have built upon that are no longer sustainable, so that we may build something bigger and better that is. While this can be an uncomfortable interlude to live through, it is vital to our growth and our forward movement on our journey. Because of all of the other cards in this reading, I absolutely believe The Tower is here to rip apart our old belief systems and fear-based conditioning so that we may fully utilize this emotional awakening we are undertaking this week. While this can cause moments of discomfort, I believe it will also give us moments of astounding clarity as we go inward and confront our darkness and awaken our True Ego.

There is probably no better time to do such emotional work as this period, given the astral alignments and the current events unfolding around us. Remember as you go through it that this kind of growth hones your soul into something far more attuned to it’s true course than ever before. You have a good chance of ending the week feeling truly enlightened, despite the duress you might feel as you navigate these emotional waters.

Remember that we all chose to incarnate through this time on the planet to be the bearers of light that help usher in an important new era of reality. You can feel this deep within you if you check it against your personal truth. To shift to this new energy, we have to strip away the old, brick by brick, until it is eradicated. Ushering in this kind of change first starts with the self, and some hard learned emotional lessons. Be gentle with yourself as you go inward.

Also remember, when dealing with the wounded inner self – we never seek to eradicate our wounds. It is an often tossed around notion that we need to fully heal what could be considered wrong with us. But, consider this: all of the pieces make us into who we are. The point is not to root out the painful parts or the wounded parts. The point is to recognize them, acknowledge them, and make peace with the fact that they exist. With this peace comes the knowledge that they, too, are necessary parts of the whole. Anyone who ever tells you the goal is to fully heal from your pain is lying to you, and probably themselves as well. The point is acceptance, and self-love. For, it is from this state of loving ourselves that we can more fully be present to accept and love those around us as well.

Be kind, my friends. Know that you are all vital notes to a piece of music so grand that human ears cannot discern the melody.

All my love,


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