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Tired of Feeling Confused and Fearful of moving Forward in your Life?
Not sure how to get out of your own way so you can Manifest your dreams?
Do situations seem to repeat over and over in your life and you can't seem to get off the rollercoaster?
Let me show you it is possible to retrain your mind and create new patterns so you can bring your dreams into your life.
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Who Am I?
My name is Charity.
I am the Founder of Soul Connections and Being Aligned Academy.
I am a Mindset & Manifestation Life Coach, Reiki Master & Energy Healer and I offer Guidance through Readings.
My passion in life is Guiding you to see there is always hope for a better future.
I have been Researching and Developing my gifts for the past 25 years. What I teach is only what I have personally Experienced.
Terms - I do Not Offer Refunds due to the time and energy I put into my Services
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