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5 Minute Video Readings

Get your Question answered by a Professional Psychic through a 5 Minute Video

that is sent to your email within 24 Hours or as short as

1 Hour

$10.00 usd.

$5.00 Charge for Rush Order/1 hour


Hi! I'm Beth! I am an Empath & Intuitive reader. I have always enjoyed helping others find their calm and inner strength. My strongest gifts for as long as I can remember have been my Clairsentience & Claircognizance. These are the abilities of clear feeling and clear knowing. I do, however, tap in my other Clairs when messages come in strong! I use Oracle & Tarot Card along with Pendulum dowsings to help with guidance when receiving special individual messages. I look forward to helping with individual struggles, reassurance & peace of mind where I can! 

Psychic Beth

Receive Reading within 24 Hours

Receive Reading within 1 Hour $5 extra


I am an intuitive psychic medium. I am also an IEG Empath who connects with guides, teachers, and ascended masters to help you during difficult times in life.
I have 40 plus years of speaking with spirit and countless years of wisdom and experience with addiction issues, children, and mental health.
I am also able to identify and unblock no longer needed energies for you to unlock your own potential.
I love mentoring and helping with any Spiritual Awakening issues or life in general. I also do card readings as well. 
Looking forward to connecting with you

Psychic Medium

Receive Reading within 24 Hours

Receive Reading within 1 Hour $5 extra

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I am a Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach, Certified Transformation Coach, Empath as well as an Intuitive Reader. I also use the help of Tarot and Oracle cards to receive messages to help you hear the guidance your needing right now. I use my gifts to help people who are struggling in life by being able to help them to see the beauty and abundance they already have in their life. I am here to help guide you through difficult situations or concerns and answer any questions you may have concerning your life with the help of my Guides and Angels. I look forward to connecting with you

Psychic Healer

Receive Reading within 24 Hours

Receive Reading within 1 Hour $5 extra

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