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The Nature of Romantic Love

The illusion and nature of romantic love is beautifully illustrated in the myth of

Psyche and Eros , a legend that was first recorded in the second century A.D.

According to this legend , the goddess Aphrodite was jealous of a beautiful young mortal named Psyche , and resented the adoration shown her by her countrymen. In a fit of anger , Aphrodite decreed that Psyche be carried to the top of a mountain , where she was to become the bride of a horrible monster - some refer to this monster as death.

As fate would have it's hand in the matter Aphrodite's son , Eros ( God of Love ) heard of Psyche and her life sentence from his mother Aphrodite and her

being chained on top of this mountain and rescued her. They fell madly in love and had to endure much hardship to keep their love alive .

As with all fairly tales, there is truth to this legend .Romantic love does indeed thrive on ignorance and fantasy. As long as the lovers maintain an idealized , incomplete view of each other.they live in a Garden of Eden.

When you and I began to take our first objective look at our lovers - we discovered that they weren't gods at all - but imperfect humans ,full of warts , and blemishes , all those negative traits that we had steadfastly refused to see.

I have written an e-book on the subject entitled " Are You Easy To Love ?" it includes a true case romance situation and will open your eyes to what is going on your relationships .

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