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November 2021 Monthly Forecast

Monthly Forecast

November 2021

The Call

This card represents an epiphany. It calls to you to search for inner truths that are rising to the surface of your consciousness. Awareness is inside of you and asking to be fully realized. This is a time for introspection and self-awareness. This is a momentous time of transformation. An epiphany awaits you and your life purpose unfolds.

Sea Puppy

This card represents new beginnings and a time of high emotions. You are feeling as though there are so many possibilities before you and that’s because there are! You wonder at all that you see. Creativity and Intuition are your partners at this time. Go with the flow of your emotions, feel the excitement of so much optimism that is before you.

Three of Sky

This card represents a continuation of new beginnings, however, this beginning starts with a sense of loss. You’ve experienced transformation. You’re creativity has opened the possibility of so many new paths for you to take. What’s this then? This card with it’s depiction of a pack being separated? In times of awakening and self-awareness, we may need to create new boundaries. Or, we find that we begin to drift apart. There might be heartbreak, there might be loss, but we each have a way forward. You are brave and courageous and are not at all stranded.

This month brings with it many exciting opportunities. You will become aware of inner calling. Find a new path or direction in your life. Use your intuition. Trust your intuition to guide you. So many emotions will come to the surface and that’s okay. You can stay grounded and still experience the wave of feelings that flow towards you. You might find yourself becoming separated from someone or something that is not serving you at this time. You might experience some loneliness, but remember, your path is still there in front of you, waiting for you. Beckon and hear that call.

Monthly Forecast November 2021 by: Carrie Anderson, PhD and RMT

Using: The Magical Dogs Tarot

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