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Soul Connection Card of the Day

9 of Fire/Wands

Don’t Give up

Today you may feel like giving up.

Have you been working on a Relationship or a Situation and it feels like you’re going nowhere?

Perhaps people are telling you “Forget about It, it’s not going to happen,”

Today’s message is telling you, DON’T GIVE UP”.

You have worked hard to get to this point. Protect what you have accomplished and keep believing in yourself!!

You believed you could accomplish this goal when you first started on this journey, so keep going.

This is a time to have patience, be persistent and protect your beliefs.

We all go through these feelings and one time or another.

You have been working so hard towards this and it just doesn’t feel like it’s moving forward. In our eyes it probably isn’t, but behind the scenes it really is.

Remember our Guides and Angels have no timing. What might seem like an eternity here is only a blink of an eye on the other side.

Just have faith that your Guides and Angels are working toward your dreams becoming a Reality.

So, hang in there and be Strong!

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