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Soul Connection Card of the Day

The Hermit

I shine my light to see the path I’m on. It also shines the way for others who seek my wisdom

The Hermit is alone. He stands at the opening of a cave, shining his light out to the world.

This suggests that while he is content and focused on what he is doing alone; that he does not worry about doing it in secret. A slippery foot peeks out from his blue robe suggesting dedicated movement. The Hermit represents inner knowledge and wisdom that comes from spending time to look into the dark corners of what makes us. The cave represents the depths of our psyche. The blue robe suggests the spiritual nature of our path and the golden lantern shines the light onto it all. Inside the lantern is a star, which has connections to the Star of David.

So today it would benefit you to take some time to yourself to seek the answers from within yourself. This is a time to wander the path on your own, to seek the answers your looking for so your able to help guide others as well as yourself.



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