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Soul Connection Collective Card Reading for the week of 3/22 - 3/28

Hi everyone! Wow, what energies have been upon us lately! I am pretty sure that everyone at present is feeling something. Many people are feeling worried, as the changes going on right now have a tendency to trigger actions and thoughts that come from what is known as Lack Frequency. Before I dive deep into this reading, I want to talk about this for a moment.

Lack Frequency is an energy inside of us triggered by survival response. It is an old energy, linked to the reptilian brain pattern that is highly honed in the realms of surviving. It is the alarm that goes off in your head so that you don’t put your hand in the fire, or the warning bell that tells you not to spend your last dollar on a lottery ticket when it is still two weeks from payday. It is also the trigger that pulls out panic when something new or unknown is thrown at us in our everyday routines. For thousands of years it has been a natural part of our frequencies.

Right now, it is rearing its ugly head for us because we are in a state of not knowing what is going to happen, or when, and that reptilian side of us is screaming at us to do something. With that said, know that it is a natural byproduct of fear… And with that said: the best way to move forward from it is to acknowledge it, and then move forward basing your actions in love rather than fear. Love (and with it, vulnerability) is the best possible frequency to medicate and sedate our feelings of lack. Don’t feed the fears, my friends. Feed the love. And, if you cannot find it, find a way to pull it down and radiate it out of yourself.

For our card pull this week, I asked the Tarot three questions: What is going to happen? What is the reasoning for this? What should we do? I also dove into this head first with my last card pull, which you can reference if you feel you need more clarity. To summarize last week’s pull: The old system of things is crumbling, and we need to let it crumble to cultivate a greater sense of what is valuable and build stronger, happier communities.

This week’s card pull:

What is going to happen?


A woman in white stands blindfolded in a great hall, holding a scale. In one scale resides a heart, and in the other, a feather (there is an old story in the Egyptian Book of the Dead about weighing one's heart against a feather to get in to Heaven). The body of the scale is a sword tipped with the sun. A scroll, perhaps the scroll of your life's journey, rests rolled up at her feet. The predominant theme here is white, and purity. Justice is also blind, meaning that it truly is your heart and essence being weighed here. The stars and the cosmos can be seen in the background. Justice is a Major Arcana card; and therefore relates to reoccurring themes or life-long issues. Feeling the positive effects of justice, we begin to successfully navigate through our darkness so that we may emerge more fully into the light. The timing on this is interesting to me, because we have just passed the Equinox, and have left Shadow Season for Light Season. This is the best possible timing to move into the light. Also, with so many of us in a state of having to stay home and socially distance ourselves, what better time to do some really deep soul work? I am pretty sure we are at the point of no return with doing some much needed purging of old constructs within ourselves, and this collective ‘time out’ is designed for just that. How many of us would otherwise put it off unless we were put in a position that gives us no choice but to do it?

Remember that this is all working out for our highest good – for everyone’s highest good.

Last week I spoke of the Tower and our need to let whatever was crumbling die. There are still a good many of us who are doing everything in our power to try to hold that Tower together. It doesn’t matter that it is hundreds of feet tall and cracked and crumbling; some of us are still furtively putting our tiny weights against it in the futile hope that we can hold it together. I liken it to standing before a tidal wave coming in, and we are holding five gallon buckets up to it hoping to stave it off. We cannot stave it off. Those of us who are still in resistance of this change are going to feel the heavy weight of that wave. We are going to feel deep senses of loss, and as if we are certainly suffering. Acting in this energy – the Lack Frequency – we have a tendency to make poor decisions (like hoarding a hundred packages of toilet paper out of fear that the next person will do the same).

We all have free will to navigate this time of Justice as we see fit, and it is up to us whether or not we emerge into the light, or sit stubbornly in the darkness and complain that it is dark. Remember that you can stand up at any time.

What is the reasoning for this?

Three of Wands:

A lone figure stands on a rocky beach, watching ships come in (or go out) on the horizon. The skies are fair and birds on the wing seem to usher the ships in as well. The person - we don't know if they are male or female - holds a wand in their right hand, and are flanked on either side by two more. The crystals on these wands are bright; but do not glow. The wands themselves are gilded, but do not gleam. This person's cloak is red; the color of flesh and life, and their shawl is green; the color of nature and abundance. There is a large sense of longing to this card. The symbolism - waiting for the ships to come in - speaks volumes in itself. Wands are the cards of energy, motivations, and passions. Minor Arcana cards speak of the day to day issues we face within our lives. Threes are communication cards, and when we are speaking of Wands, this is communication in preparation for something. So, we are being called to navigate ourselves, and step into our own personal light, in preparation for what is to come. These two cards combined are a powerful message. When we move in Love Frequencies, both within our own souls and within our communications with others, we prepare for the unknown with solidarity and an energy that can easily navigate any unknown that comes next for us. On the other hand, if we shut down in the darkness, we are left with this feeling of longing as if we are waiting for our ships to come in… And they are still out there on the horizon.

The comfort in this card is in the frequency you put into it. Act in fear, and you’ll feel the lack. Act out of love, and you will feel as if you have an energetic army available to you to take on the unknown. We are meant to be empowered within ourselves. We are meant to carry that love and energy that comes from Source (whatever name you assign to God) and likewise spread it outward so that it grows and holds us all together. We have conducted ourselves as separate for too long, mainly by putting up these false parameters of value and separation, and then allowing our insecurities to conduct the importance of current systems. We are being asked, because of this change in the collective, to lay down these insecurity-based values and examine what it is that really is valuable to us. When we let everything else fall away, and then look at one another, we discover that what we value really is all the same – and not at all what we thought it was. And, once we awaken to that, the entire of our immediate reality shifts to accommodate this much more connected, love-based value system. We have been at odds with one another too long, and this is the tilting point where all of the garbage gets skimmed off the top of the water. Remember: the best way to be well prepared is to follow love and not fear.

What should we do?

The Star:

A goddess stands center before the full, ripe moon, pouring out white light from two urns, silver and gold, into calm waters, and gently over a plant in a symbol of nourishment. Could it be that this is knowledge being poured out? She is surrounded by stars, and yet another shines bright through her third eye. Everything in this picture is lush, and at peace. You cannot discern where the earth stops and the heavens begin. A Major Arcana card, The Star refers to life-changing and lifelong events. In the upright position, many people refer to this as 'the wish card,' because it is a sure sign that your desires will come to fruition. The Star is the card of Hope and Renewal. And this card ties in with the previous two, and last week’s card pull, in the loveliest of ways. You are literally being told that all you have to do is harbor within you the frequency of hope.

Many light-workers right now have been discussing this very thing; the Hope Frequency and how it is so needed in the world. These are discussions that began towards the end of the year and have been continuing on. What sets Hope apart from Love is that Hope is the one untouchable, individual frequency that we all innately carry within ourselves, usually in the deepest, darkest depths of ourselves. In our darkest experiences, Hope will bloom tentatively even when Love is nowhere to be found. For many of us, when the will to carry on abandons us in our grief, it is Hope that picks us back up. It is a softer, quieter frequency than Love. It is a single candle burning on the darkest night.

When we refuse to harbor Hope, we find that we are standing in our own way of happiness. We try to rationalize this frequency by pulling it away from ourselves and making it a conditional thing that is only bestowed upon us if we receive a divine sign or complete a set of tasks. But that is not Hope. Hope is always within us, and is always ours to grasp a hold of. It is gentle and nurturing and will always be there to cradle us in our personal darkness. Hope is purely intrinsic.

The best thing we can do right now is hold onto this frequency while we are being called to carry out this important phase of growth. When you find yourself growing anxious and looking at the world through goggles of lack – instead look for Hope. When fear whispers to you, hold the light of Hope closer to your chest. Surround yourself and your loved ones in this energy and trust in the hands of Justice, and the process of why we have all been called to experience this Tower moment. Usually, the things that are of great importance tend to only make sense when looking back upon them… And if you look back upon your life’s experiences, you will see that all of the things you couldn’t know the reasons for while going through them all pointed you to a more important, better road once you navigated it. This is no different. If you remember from last week’s card pull; the destination is the new shoreline (The six of Swords). The boat that is being chartered to take us there is Hope.

All of my best to all of you; remember that we are all connected and we will all complete this new experience and come out the other side with a higher understanding of everything. Much love to you as we navigate this journey together.


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