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When you live from ego, you live in fear and judgment. You compare yourself to others, you have an agenda for the things you do or for what you need from others, you see the faults of yourself and others, and see people as "less than" or "better than" yourself. Ego is responsible for fear, anger, jealousy, insecurity, greed, envy. It's ego that causes relationship troubles, and all manners of dysfunction in this life. Being in ego is being in fear, out of fear all forms of negative energy is formed. The opposite of fear is love. Unconditional love is spiritual in nature, it expects nothing of others, accepts things as they are, sees the good in everything, expressed gratitude for life and all of existence, has no expectations, no agenda. Ego is very "self" centered in nature it's always about "me" or "what can I get". Love is without agenda, and asks, "How can I serve?" We are born without ego, it is formed through interactions with others who leaned to lose touch with their innately loving soul. We are then taught how to live in fear. When we cross to the other side, this ego is left behind, and we return to our true nature, which is love. You don't have to wait until you pass to experience peace, focus on releasing fear and choosing love in everyday situations that irritate you. It's the situations you are faced with in daily life and how you choose to respond that help you evolve spiritually.

Dayna Clift

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