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Weekly Message for August 30, 2021

Weekly Message for August 30, 2021

This week you're being called to discover yourself, your true passions. Try something new. Stop delaying the insights/signs that you have been receiving. You probably have been receiving signs for a while now that you need to follow your passion, take a different road. Perhaps you see a sign on a billboard or license plate, online, on the radio, or even a friend bringing up the topic. This could relate to a new career, a relationship, moving locations, or doing what makes you happy but now is the time to move forward. Take that leap of faith. We all get used to routines, but you're now being pushed to make a change, even if you have to start at the beginning/bottom. No matter how scary it may be.

What have you been putting off because it takes you out of your comfort zone?

Have a great week

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