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Weekly Message for June 27, 2021

This week you're being asked to follow the path to your goals.

Even though you may not see the final outcome at this time, you're being asked to trust it and to stay determined.

Others may not agree with your choice, and they may try to persuade you to go a different route, but they're not seeing the whole picture either. Trust your intuition and have faith that you are being guided down a certain path for a reason.

You may have to leave certain situations or people behind during this time of growth, but know that the right people and situations will come into your life just at the right time, to help guide you to your true purpose and happiness, so follow your heart and go after your dreams. It will be worth the hard work and you will be rewarded for your faith and strength.

Have a great week.

Remember to always stop and notice the beauty around you each day


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