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Your Soul Connection Card of the Day

Monday, September 23, 2019 Happy Equinox!!!

The Two of Cups; reversed:

Soul Searching:

In this card we see the man and the woman facing each other, giving their undivided attention as the moon hangs full and ripe behind them. Mists rise up from the ocean below, but the sea is relatively calm, and before them, their energy exchange is filling each other's chalices. The woman symbol is present here because cups are the cards of emotions, and emotions are a natural state of the feminine. This is not an indicator that the feminine is more important than the masculine in this picture; however. If you look, you will see the energy exchange is reciprocal, the two are even with one another, both on the same even ground.

In the reversed position, this card calls upon you today to examine your emotions within your relationships. Someone is battling with you emotionally; keeping you from the harmony that this card in the upright position symbolizes. Are you playing the game of emotional warfare? Or, are allowing yourself to be a willing participant? Somebody is making empty promises here, and not honoring the sacred love that should be held for emotional relationships. This lacking on the part of one, or both of you, has created a space where true intimacy - and not he kind found by bodies in the middle of the night - remains illusive and cannot be fully cultivated.

Because Cups are the cards of thoughts, feelings, and emotions; this does not have to be a romantic relationship that is suffering. It can be anyone for whom you deeply care. Because Cups represent the Minor Arcana; this situation is only a temporary one in your life provided you recognize what is going on and make the necessary steps to change it.

The Two of Cups reversed calls upon you to examine your role in a relationship. If you are a victim (or victimizer), it is time to do some soul searching as to why, what lies within you that allows this to happen in your relationship, and what you need to do to throw out the negativity that holds you back from having the kind of relationships you really want. The power is all yours.

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