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Your Soul Connection Card of the Day

Today’s daily card is the Maiden of Shields. She is an Iroquois woman, one of a household of many talented and spiritual women. The maiden is the epitome of glorious womanhood, with all the characteristics one associates with powerful women. She is generous, kind, and wise. She is graceful, courteous, and strong. And she is mysterious. The only certainty with her is that naught is certain. Her appearance in a reading speaks to us of that mystery, and that generosity. The Maiden of Blades is often hailed as the Patroness of Witches, and the Maiden of Shields is her true sister. She is supportive, and lends aid where she can. She is the essence of a support system, the person you can always count on for help. When she appears in a reading, she is asking you to look for someone in your life who needs that right now. Who among you needs your love? Mothers of the Iroquois, who have welcomed home your cherished ones into your loving arms, teach me to be supportive. To be grateful for the support I receive, and to return it in kind.

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