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Your Soul Connection Card of the Day

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The Seven of Pentacles

A bountiful harvest; if one chooses well.

A young woman stands before a bush of seemingly ripe coins. Behind her, the landscape has begun to change with the fall. Even the ground at her feet has yellowed and is cropped the way one clears a field before winter. The skies are turning as well. She is clothed simply with a sign of purity upon her head, and a symbol of faith around her neck. The white, the flowers on her dress, and even the color of her dress are all symbolic of youthful hope. She contemplates the harvest, as if trying to decide which coin is ripe and prime for picking. One coin has already fallen, and even though it lays at her feet, just waiting to be scooped up, her eyes are upon the bush itself and the other coins it presents to her.

Remember that Pentacles are the cards of finance, career, and material possessions. They are Minor Arcana cards, which means that they deal with situations in our lives that will not last forever. Just like the fall season in the picture, everything eventually gives way to change. The secret, then, to making the most out of our experiences today, according to this card, is to carefully choose which fruit you have cultivated to harvest for your table. There are many coins. On the surface; they all shine. But, which one is the one best suited to you and your sustainability?

You have come to a place where you are being paid off for the seeds you have sown, and now it is time to both celebrate what has been achieved, and also discern just what part of this harvest is the one most important for you to hold onto to sustain yourself through the inevitable cold days ahead. You have many choices. You need to trust your intuition and have faith, like the girl on the card, that what you choose will be the best thing for you. Also (like the girl); do not act on blind faith alone. Study your options, consider what is needed for your table, and then trust yourself to make the best choice.

Enjoy your achievements now... But always plan for the future, and stick true to what you know is best for you.


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