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Your Soul Connection Card of the Day

Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Ten of Pentacles:

Observing your legacy.

Ten coins adorn the forefront of this card in the symbol of the Tree of Life. The ornate gateway beyond leads to a stately manor. Foliage, lush and green, adorns the gates, the entry, the yard, and the sun can be seen peeking through the clouds in a fairly gentle-looking sky. The statues on he gate are clothed in modesty, looking inward and towards each other. One gets the impression that this estate has stood, and will continue to stand, through the tests of time.

Pentacles are the cards of finances, work, and material possessions. When the Ten of Pentacles comes up in a reading in the positive position, you are called to reflect on the legacy you will leave behind you. Upright, this card indicates that you have done the right thing and have built on a solid foundation. Your works are greater than yourself. They will leave a lasting mark that, like the estate in the card, will stand for generation upon generation provided it is cared for and recognized.

At this time know that you are arriving at the completion of something. You have done the work and have built something that will last. This will be a time of abundance for you. Just remember, like the grand estate in the card, and like the statues guarding it: Take care of the fruits of your labors and be modest in your successes. Let the messages your legacy leave behind stand as inspiration, and not as loftiness.

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