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Your Soul Connection Card of the Day

Sunday, September 22, 2019

The World, reversed:

What do you need to let go of to gain?

The World is one of the best cards to ever have come up within a reading (in my opinion). It is a sign of completion, of manifestation, and a promise of beautiful endings. Here we see the goddess in her rightful place in the heavens, poised in dance. She is both surrounded by and harnessing the four elements. Surrounding her is the wisdom of the ages in a script that seemingly only she can read. Bathed in the white light, clothed in it, she is the epitome of everything and all things, and is unconcerned by anything.

When The World comes up in a reversed position, it is not transformed into a negative card, but it also has quite a different meaning. Part of being a powerful creator is recognizing when you yourself are holding yourself back from manifesting your real desires. Some endings come into our lives for reasons we cannot see until we have fully moved past them. Some endings we mourn (and rightfully so), and life seems to go into stasis until we reconcile ourselves to again move forward (and this is a hard subject, because there is no wrong way to grieve, and no expiration date on grief). There are also some things in this life that we know are not meant for us, but we hang onto them long past the time we should let them go out of stubbornness or fear. Sometimes we hang on because it hurts to let go, and we worry that by doing so, we only invite more pain into our lives.

The World reversed is reminding you that it is okay to grieve; but do not build your house there. The goddess is telling you that endings are as natural as beginnings, and it is time to leave behind you the things that do not serve you in this life. Don't hang on to the things that are not meant to be yours. Don't let guilt or some misplaced sense of chivalry force you to hold on. This can be people, places, things, or feelings. Forget what you have been manipulated into believing and listen to what your heart is telling you to do. Deep down, you already know the answers. Remember; it is up to you to do right by yourself, because no one else can be your own savior - or in this case give you your own closure - but you.

Life is full of lessons, and some of them are harder than others. It is never fully about what you gain or lose, or even let go of. It is what you learn that is important; and what you do with what you have learned moving forward.

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