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Your weekly reading for April 5th - 11th, 2020

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

I hope everyone is doing well this week. We have some tremendous energy ushering in right now, and with it is coming the magnificent power of us being able to seize our true destinies and step into the places we are meant to hold in this journey of our life. However, there is still a lot of fear, and fear is a great paralyzer. I am reminding you all to sit with your fear, let it speak, and then let it fade as best you can, because we all have work to do, and it is time to get on with it.

What is the theme this week?

King of Cups, reversed:

This King is adorned in various shades of blue; for water, for the heart, for divine royalty. He stands in his watery kingdom, between two pillars that look like fish tales, under a beautiful blue light. The fish at his feet, golden for success and spirit, represent loyalty. His cloak and crown are also adorned with golden water symbols. In his hand is a gilded cup illuminated with the light it carries. He stands tall, wise, and full of understanding. He is not lofty or proud; rather, he is the humble servant of his loyal subjects full of divine knowledge. White light swirls around him, and outside, the sea and sky are growing dark and quiet in serene peace.

So, we are still in this King of Cups energy, which, if you remember from last week, deals with emotional intelligence. We are still developing our empathy, and we are still working on keeping our emotions from spilling over onto others. Cups are the cards of emotion, intuition, and feelings. They are also considered the Relationship Cards of the Tarot. Be careful you are not sniping at your loved ones this week because of stress. Also be aware of self-sabotage. It is really easy in times of fear to do and say things that you cannot take back once you commit to them. If you feel yourself starting to wind up tightly, try and exercise some calm before you open your mouth to communicate.

What can we expect?


An angel full of light and adorned with a gilded crown blows a golden horn from the heavens. The crown is appointed with white wings. The angel's hair is also golden. She blows the horn downward, descending light and stars upon a dark cavern. Within the darkness are souls attempting to rise up to it's light. There is mist all around, and darkness below, beyond... But within the aura of the angel, there is light and truth, and the people below revel within it.

The Judgement card is the 20th card in the Major Arcana, which relates to life-long issues and lessons in our life. In the card, the Angel of Judgement is inviting us into the light, into the truth. The mist all around symbolizes the fact that we do not see all that is before us, all that is to come, or even understand all that has been. That knowledge is reserved for when we are beyond this life.

When the Judgement card shows up in the upright position, it means that we are entering or about to enter a period of rebirth within our life. Whether we realize it or not, our lives will constantly adjust to align us closer with our personal truth, and our true purpose. Between the upcoming Full Moon, and the gates opened to us on Saturday, we are being asked by all of the energies around us to consider our personal truth, and then finally walk the talk. To actually walk our talk unleashes a heavy power of manifestation. However, we tend to shy away from our true selves out of insecurity. Now is the time to say definitely that we know who we are, our personal power, and are ready to step into a place to utilize it to our fullest potentials.

What should we do?

Eight of Swords:

A woman stands surrounded by eight swords all pointed downward, but almost forming a cage holding her in. She is clothes in red; the color of life in the flesh, blindfolded, with both hands held up to her chin in what would assume is a defensive pose. In the far background looms a castle, and a sea that is crashing waves against the shoreline. She is surrounded by rocks, and a grey sky looms overhead. There appears to be a light that is shining in the background, and it also appears that if she just took one step back, she might hit stones, but she would be free of the swords.

Have you ever gotten yourself into a situation where you felt as if you would be putting yourself in danger if you made a move? You aren't where you want to be, but you fear being cut, being dashed on the rocks, or tempting fate by trying to wiggle free. That is the fate of this woman. She is blinded, but cannot rely on her sense of hearing alone to free herself. She can be freed, but to do so, she must have faith and trust her intuition that her situation is not as dire as it seems. There are risks, yes, but there is also a way out.

Swords are the cards of thoughts, words, and actions, and the Minor Arcana refers to temporary situations. Today's card suggests that you are feeling held in place by fear of the unknown, and fear of being hurt. This card can also carry the alternative meaning of needing time alone to think and rest (and do so if you find yourself really feeling adrift from your emotional intelligence). This ties right back in to the Judgement card and the King of Cups in reverse. Remember that while you feel trapped, or stifled, or frozen in place; it is really you that is keeping you there. Yes, you might hurt a little as you wiggle out… But you will also be free. Ask yourself this week what you are letting yourself be caged in by, and why you continue to remain there. Remember; the fear is far greater than the actual damage that is done by stepping free. Remove the blindfold and dare to step out of what holds you in a place you do not want to be.


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