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Your Weekly Reading for June 14th through June 20, 2020:

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

We are in such a period of turmoil right now. I am not sure how many of you remember my earlier readings, but I spoke quite a few months ago about how the old system was dying, and how we needed to let it die. We are right in the throes of that right now. My request to all of you as you navigate these new energies and shifting realities is to be kind. This kind of turmoil tends to bring out the spoiled child in everyone. Remember the three gates:

Is it true?

Is it necessary?

Is it kind?

If your words cannot pass through all three gates, consider keeping them to yourself. Bells cannot be un-rung, and hurtful words are generally not forgotten.

Moving ahead… we are in for another week of soul-shaping. Some of these cards keep coming up over and over again – to the point where I reshuffle and have them come popping right back out again. Hahaha – they WILL be heard, I guess.

What is the theme for the week?

Ace of Wands:

The forces of fire are going to call on us to be inspired creators this week. This can be a new idea that ignites quickly and takes hold for us, or it can be the reminder that we are meant to follow what lights us up from the inside. I think many of us are going through motions right now; doing what we have to do and keeping our heads down as we trudge forth. This is actually problematic. We are being called to speak up and move forward, and not simply through the day-to-day miasma that we feel stuck in. In the card, the wand holds back the ocean, and turns it to molten fire where it meets the ground. It is time that we, too, strike the iron while it is hot, and imbed our mark upon the places we really want to go. Know that when this happens for you; the Ace of Wands is your sign that it is time to reach for new things instead of staying in the safe bed of normal you have been lying in.

The Emperor, reversed;

It’s kind of funny (in a non-funny sort of way) that this card accompanies the Ace of Wands as a theme. In the reversed position; the Emperor warns of overblown egos and childish tantrums – of being not in one’s mastery yet still trying to control the masses. This card also warns about the effects that come from flying off the handle or poor planning – not doing enough research before pushing your opinion into the world. We have certainly seen plenty of that going around.

Combining the two into a theme means that you are being called, but to remember that being called to act does not mean being called to bully. Don’t lead in an area that is not your mastery. Don’t pull people with you to places you don’t possess the map to. Create with the heart – not the insecurity that lies in the ego – and if you are in a leadership role, remember to always lead from your heart space.

Advice to navigate this week’s theme:

The Nine of Wands:

The Nine of Wands is all about holding fast to what you are creating; being so close to fruition that you can almost see the end in sight. What you have planted has already grown roots and what you have been cultivating within you is well on its way to bearing its outcome for you. This card speaks of standing in the assurance of that, and being ready to tend and defend if necessary – yet there is no foreboding in this card. Stay the course and do not let yourself get overwhelmed, because all is unfolding exactly as it should for you.

I do believe a good portion of the message in this card is recognizing when it is time to defend, and when it is time to simply let life organically unfold before you. Some things cannot be nor should not be ignored. However, much of the drama and noise going on right now is misguided energy by fearful souls, and really does not require you to dignify it with response or rhetoric. You know, deep within you, the difference between fear-based fog and truth-based causes. Ignore the fog. Stand for what is worthy.

This week’s outcome:


You can kind of look at this card and think “Well; duh!” when it comes up in this current time. This was also the theme two weeks ago. It looks like we are not quite done building up our character. Remember that the notation of true strength lies within calm and grace, and not within big showy displays of machismo. The calmer you remain as you harness the Ace of Wands and the Nine of Wands, the more strength you will cultivate within you. This is all about growth and necessary movement… And not jumping onto unnecessary paths or bandwagons.

The Six of Swords:

We are still rowing the boat to that new place we have been headed. There is still light ahead and darkness behind us. We still do not need to draw our swords to get to where we are meant to go. Keep watching the horizon, and focus on the light. Don’t try to turn around now, because we have already come far, and simply need to hold on – to one another if need be – and see this journey through.

I pulled to more cards this week, thinking of them as “Why?” cards. I have heard this question asked a lot lately. Why is everything so tense right now? Why does everything feel negative and angry?

The Tower:

The Tower is the message that everything needs to fall apart so something new can take its place. What is old and does not work any longer needs to die. What is coming needs a clear path. Sometimes, the only way to accomplish this is to utterly destroy the old. We are creatures that are resistant to change. When we hold on too long to something that does not serve us, the Universe will eventually give us no choice but to let go and move on. That is exactly what The Tower does.

The Page of Cups:

Pages are messengers, and the shiny new souls in the beginning of journeys. Cups are the emotion cards. This page is the light, open-hearted soul that has not yet been corrupted by the evils of the world. He is not afraid to love and to have compassion. He is not afraid laugh and play within his emotional capacity.

Paired side by side, this blatantly tells us that the old needs to die to make room for an emotional rebirth. To find that part of us that loves without question, and that looks at the world through the eyes of innocence, we first have to burn the old world down.

So please remember: If you get overwhelmed, or frightened, we are heading to the promise of a much better future. We have to keep stripping away the bricks of the old before we have a firm place to lay the foundation of the new – and it is coming. Keep leading with your heart. Help where you can, and give what you can. Hold space for those who need it. Most of all, treat yourself and others with the most kindness that you can muster. Even if you don’t agree with them or understand them; you aren’t required to. Love is the greatest gift you can put out into the world right now.

Love to you all.


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