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Your Weekly Reading for June 7th through June 13th

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Last week I discussed how the theme was going to be strength – and boy, was it! I do believe we have all been called upon recently to not only be strong and courageous, but to really look deep inside at our own personal places of integrity. This last week felt like a long one. We ended with the Full Strawberry Moon which came in tandem with an eclipse. What an energy maker that was! I hope everyone took advantage of those energies and used it to clear away what needed to go and to start manifesting what needs to come forth for us.

This upcoming week is going to see us going deeper into the actions we need to take to move forward in our lives. It would be absolutely lovely if the cards always told us that all will be sunshine and happiness… But this journey we are on is not one that is mean to be all light, all the time. Please remember, however, that everything that happens always happens ultimately for our highest possible good; so even the hard parts of life are not without good cause.

What is the theme this week?

The Three of Wands:

We are back again in the pursuit of what really moves us and ignites the fire within. Threes are near the beginning of the cycle, and depict forms of communication on the general. Wands, the fire sign, which is our passions, combine with the three to speak of careful planning and the laying of the bricks for the road that will take us where we want to go. In the picture; you cannot tell if the person standing on the shore is waiting for the ship to come in, or watching it leave. Either way, the mood in this card is one of waiting. It might feel like it has been forever since you started this dream, and have been waiting for it to progress. It might do you some good to work on the planning phase of this part of your journey.

Have you been putting all of your bricks on the road and are waiting for the right time to walk? Or, are you merely staying in one place, unhappy to be there, waiting for your ship to come in? This is the question for you to ponder this week as you navigate through your days.

Advice to navigate the week:

The Eight of Wands:

It’s funny how the same cards keep popping up in a well-shuffled deck; and here we are again with the message of the Eight of Wands – another fire card of energy and passion. Eights are all about change and movement. In the picture, the boy has drawn his arrow and is ready to let it fly. He has the protection of the other wands all around him, ready to aid him in his plight. He is not filled full of fear or nerves; but looks confidently at his goal. The message here is to rest assured that you are surrounded with support, and should you take aim for those goals of passion this week, your aim will be true and hit its mark. With that said; watch that you don’t hesitate to aim for too long (don’t sit and watch the ships come in); or you might miss what you are aiming for.

It can be hard to say why we choose to hold back when we should be moving forward. Usually, it is because of many different fears and limitations we put upon ourselves. Growth is a purely personal journey, and no one can make you move forward if you choose to plant your feet. However, it would do well to remember that just because you choose to do nothing but stand upon the shore and watch does not mean that those around you – even those closest to you – will remain there in stasis beside you. It’s time to decide what you want more – the movement of growth, or the comfort in stasis that might very well find you standing on the shore all alone. If you choose growth, the support will be there. If you choose stasis, there are no guarantees.

The Six of Swords:

This is another card telling you it is time to move. Sixes are all about growth, and swords – air, thoughts, and actions – combine with the six to speak of an important rite of passage and a time to move on to new shorelines. The passenger has the support of the ferryman, and the swords should they choose to use them. However, there is no combatant air in this card. The sun is shining on the future, and the passenger is brave enough to head forth into it. Nobody is looking behind them. The past is done, and the current is moving them ahead to where they need to be; which is a brighter place than where they came from.

Expected outcome for the week:

The Four of Pentacles, reversed;

Fours are stability cards, and pentacles pertain to the material world. In a reversed position, the reminder of this card is that one sows more abundance when one gives more. If you look at the card, the woman is clutching the coins like precious children, sitting upon even more (presumably) in the chest. It appears to be all she holds dear to her. I do not have to lecture you about how the material world can fall away in an instant. Hoarding is never a good thing. Giving, however, is a beautiful thing. The key to living in true abundance is to give what you have when you can with a loving heart. The energy of the action will always find its way back to you.

When you hold too tightly and try to control the material world, you will find that it stagnates out on you. You have to release for it to flow freely. Relinquishing control is often easier said than done. We are control freaks by our very nature – and destructive with it. Part of the beauty of giving what you can is the act of releasing energies into the Universe, and allowing it the control to spin it back to you.

Hold too tight and stagnate. Let it all go and watch it flow back abundantly. This all comes down, yet again, to choices needing to made to act, or accepting what might happen (or might not happen) by doing nothing.

The Two of Cups, reversed;

Twos are symbols of a coming together or a beginning, such as a partnership or an adaptation. Cups are the watery emotion cards. This card is generally one of emotional union. In the reversed position, it is a warning of opposition. It is quite possible that you are letting some form of relationship suffer with your inability to act this week, if inaction is the choice you make. This card also warns of the heavy price of empty promises. Be impeccable with your word, and don’t promise a thing you have no intention of following through on.

A funny thing happens when someone claims they are going to do something and ends up always doing the opposite. It cheapens their word in the eyes of others, and outsiders get tired of having to constantly hear the empty promises that never have any action backing them up. Sooner or later, the average person will simply pull away, as the cost outweighs the value of such things. With this kind of energy coming in to play with the other cards drawn for the week – I would say that it speaks of the price of inaction, just as the Four of Pentacles does. Where the Four of Pentacles speaks of a material stagnation; the Two of Cups speaks of an emotional opposition.

The warning is pretty clear. Of course, you are on your own journey, and ultimately, only you can improve your live… and you will always have the free will to do nothing but marinate in the current system of things. However, choosing to do so does not mean that everyone and everything else will sit in the pot with you – they have their own journeys as well, and are answering their own calls to action. If you find your own actions leave you alone in your plight, don’t take the stance of the victim, as it is not anyone’s duty to sit idle with you, and having to move forward in their own lives does not make them a villain.

Choices to be made this week. Choose well, knowing that it is the experiences in this life that shape you into a fuller, more perfect being.

All my love,


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