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Your Weekly Reading for May 17 through 23:

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Your Tarot reading for the week of May 17-23:

What is the theme this week?

Ace of Pentacles; reversed:

There is a gilded path leading through a garden where flowers bloom in white for purity, red for passion and the flesh, and yellow for hope. The green is lush and vibrant, pregnant with abundance. Bees fly in and out to carry the sweet pollen to their hive. The light shines brilliantly down upon the scene, and in the center of the trail is one giant golden pentacle. It shines, glistening in the light as the flowers bloom brilliantly over and around it. Pentacles are the cards of the Material world, and speak of possessions and tangible wealth. Aces are potential, beginnings of something brilliant to unfold. In the reversed position, you are going to feel that your potential is being blocked in some way. Things are not unfurling as you wish they were, or something is standing in your way. This might leave you feeling stagnated and frustrated this week. It would do well to remember that everything happens at its appropriated time for your highest good.

Advice for the week:

Knight of Swords, reversed;

The knight rides through the mists with sword held high, shield down, ready for battle. His horse is at the alert; listening to his rider and also focused on what is ahead. He wears purple and tan; colors of authority and the earth. He charges ahead on a loose rein; nobody is forcing him into battle. Behind him, he has conquered some rocky peaks, and ahead of him is unknown, but he is unafraid. His sword glints in the light that shines through the mist. Atop his face shield are white feathers for the Divine. Five birds soar along with him, and in a way, he, too appears as if he is soaring. Swords are the cards of thoughts, words, and actions. They can also be the workplace cards. In the reversed position; the Knight of Swords suggests that we can have a tendency to fly off the handle and get a little out of control in some situations. Knights by definition in the traditional decks are charging forth, not quite mastering the knowledge that they hold. When considering the theme this week; the advice of this card is to not make any rash actions due to feeling stagnated. Patience is a virtue here.

The Magician:

The Magician stands alone in his private chamber, cloaked in the dark that is usually reserved for someone who is up late at night with their projects. He wears robes of red and gold; strength and life, and around his neck is the caduceus; the symbol of Hermes (who was the God of trade, wealth, trickery, luck, fertility, animals, sleep, language, and travel). This symbol is also widely interpreted as a doctor's symbol and also signifies one's own power to heal themselves. A red and golden light casts down upon him and above him hovers the infinity symbol. Before him, and under his command, are all of the symbols of the Minor Arcana, representing all of the possible trials and gains of day-to-day living. He has amazing power, and he knows it, but he is not smug... Nor is he dour. He appears to be concentrating inward; focusing on the knowledge that we are all infinite beings with infinite power if we choose to hone our skills as creators. The magician has honed this skill. The Magician is the second card of the Major Arcana, and thus refers to issues in our lives that can carry throughout our lives. When the Magician appears in an upright position in any reading; it is a sign to remind you that you have all of the power inside of you to manifest what it is you want in your life. Standing tall next to the Knight; the message is clearly to go inward into yourself and work on your personal power instead of rushing blindly forward trying to force something to happen. The Magician is the alchemist, and he is in his mastery; he knows when thing move slowly, it is for his highest good.

So do not do anything rash this week. Let events unfold organically. Look inward if you feel you need knowledge or guidance, because all of the power lies within you, and you are creating your own reality by your thoughts, actions, and reactions to the world around you.

How the week will unfold by using these tools:

The Chariot, reversed;

A glinting chariot shining brightly is pulled by two horses, one white and one black, representing opposing forces. They appear to be pulling in opposite directions, even though they are moving forward. The black horse is outfitted in copper and the white in silver, and they are unbridled. No reins are driving them. The symbol of the sun holds their harnesses together. They charge, unafraid through the waters, and carry forth a young man holding a gilded, shining wand that glows like a star. He, too, is unafraid and is adorned with both the astrological and animal symbol of Cancer. He does not steer the horses, and is confident in his ability to drive them. Above are the stars and the cosmos, shining upon them and their journey.

The Chariot is the Seventh card in the Major Arcana, which means its lesson is one to last throughout our lives. In the reversed position, it talks about issues with forward motion. Cancer is an emotional symbol of the Zodiac; a water sign, and relates to the Cups energy in the Tarot. However, the driver holds a wand, which is a fire sign in the Tarot, and related to passions. It could very well be that you find yourself navigating through the emotional feelings of being stuck as you navigate this week’s theme. The very patience required to allow the Ace of Pentacles it’s time to propagate the seeds you have planted materially is going to a battle waged for you emotionally. Try to be like the driver and relax; trust your chariot will get to where it is going. Even the waters of emotion you churn up this week exist for your own well being.

The Nine of Wands:

A man in fairly plain clothes stands just outside a castle chamber with what appears to be a dagger in one hand, and a wand in the other while eight more wands lay upright in the ground behind him. Foliage grows up the wand he is holding, and the ground appears to carry the green of summer. A growing moon is barely visible in the upper right corner of the card, perhaps showing fullness of completion. While he is dressed plainly, his neck is adorned with leather, shells, and beads. He appears to be as much of the earth as the wands and the foliage. He appears contemplative, and almost at rest if you notice his shoulders are relaxed and even his hand that holds the dagger does not grip it with any urgency. Wands are the cards of energy, motivation, and passions. This card appears to be sending the message that whatever you have been building in your life is nearing completion; to remain steadfast, but do not stress yourself, as everything you have been putting your energy into is growing ripe and nearing its harvest. You are dedicated to this work, and are not in it for the moment (or your wand would have never taken root as it has in the picture). Each day brings you more progress.

So… Trust is key here. Trust that your emotional upheavals have nothing to do with losing anything and everything to do with growth. Trust that your seeds are well planted and that what you have been moving towards is gaining momentum and nearing completion. This week may feel like wasted time; but that is because the things going on are not tangible to you yet. They are still there, and still progressing. Remember the Magician and trust the process.

The Emperor:

The Emperor stands in what appears to be tower overlooking a kingdom. Behind him, the sky is red and hazy, with jagged peaks. He carries a staff with the head of the ram, which also adorns his tower, which is symbolic of Mars, and of leadership. The carvings in the tower depict Gods of older times. An eagle stands vigilant to his right, a sign of freedom and strength. To his left, the sphere of rulers, symbolic of his responsibilities and power. His robes are purple, red, and black - all power colors, for royalty, flesh, spirituality, and strength. His golden crown holds the colors of root, solar plexus, heart, and throat chakras, of which a person would need to be open and functional to be an effective leader. He gazes at you, knowing his power, but not lofty with it.

The Emperor has been coming out a lot in these weekly readings. He is the reminder that we are the authors of our own life. He, too, is not rushing anything, but instead stands firm in his masculine power. He is not rash, and has control over his world, and does not look over his shoulder or ahead to the unknown. He is a leader, a mentor, and a respected authority.

So, if you follow the advice (don’t rush into actions that could be damaging and meditate on your own alchemy) you will find this week’s journey will start with the feeling of being emotionally out of control, but will ebb into the knowledge that your time of harvest is coming and that your roots are getting stronger every day. You will end the week on a high note being reminded that your life is your creation, and that the slow motion of the week was all beneficial in giving you this important reminder. While you may feel lost and wage war within yourself, you will come out okay and be far more sure of your personal power by the end of the week… providing you don’t do anything rash.

All my love to you. Have a wonderful week!


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