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Your Weekly Reading for May 31 - June 6

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Your Weekly Reading for May 31 Through June 6:

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am deeply feeling the pain from the Collective right now. There is so much ugliness going on in the world. It is kind of like the ‘storming’ phase of group formation. There is little we can do about it other than to keep being Bearers of the Light, and to help when and where we can.

This week is going to call on us to do just that.

What is the overall theme of the week?


I am not surprised at all that this was the theme card that popped out of the deck. Events are going to call upon us to utilize our strength and our courage this week. Being strong means sticking to our personal truth and being one who spreads the light even in the face of adversity and heartache. Remember that even when trouble brews for us, it exists to keep us on our correct path and that the most painful moments we endure carry heavy lessons that we have contracted to learn.

To have real strength, one has to look at their life from neither a victim’s or a villain’s perspective; but from one that acknowledges that everything plays out for a higher divine purpose. This can be so hard to do! It takes real courage to understand that there is no struggle that isn’t for our own good – especially the really hard ones. When you face adversity this week, remember that seeking the lesson will take you much farther than asking yourself “why me?”

Advice to carry us through the week:

Knight of Cups:

A little charm will go a long way this week. Part of being charming is being able to connect with people on some sort of emotional level; be it a short passing of words or a heartfelt conversation. It is when we connect to people that we are received in this light. Connection is very important right now when it comes to our emotions, perhaps especially because most of us want so badly to retreat away and hide. One of the greatest gifts you can give to someone who is in pain is the message “I see you.” This does not mean you need to offer advice or anything other than presence. Most often, a loving presence is all we need to find the strength within us to pick up and carry on. Don’t be afraid to move forward emotionally this week despite the turmoil. Now is not the time to pack our emotions away with our other baggage.

Ten of Swords; reversed:

There are going to be moments where you are going to feel as if you are run through and cannot possibly take any more. Tens are signs of the ending of a cycle, and in Swords, it can be a painful ending. However, there is also a beauty in the fact that being the end of the cycle means that we are ready to be done with some particularly painful experience. Reversed, this card speaks of not giving up and having a little more work yet to do… But it still carries the promise that the end is within sight.

If you find yourself feeling as if you simply cannot take any more, remember that this phase is not going to last forever. We are collectively on a journey of growth that is meant to happen very quickly for the distance we are covering, and it can be overwhelming and painful at times, but it is a necessary thing that we all signed up to ride the ride for. Remember that the theme is strength, and hold on. Where we are going is far superior to where we have been. It will be worth the pain to get there.

Expected outcomes of the week:

Five of Cups:

There is going to be some feelings of loss that we are going to have to navigate this week, and it will be emotionally heavy for us. Remember that we are being called to have the strength to bear it. Regrets can creep up upon us and make us feel as if everything we have been through and have worked towards was useless… But that is our human emotions getting in the way of our divine soul’s work. There is never a point in our life where events are not unfolding for our highest good. When we fail at something, have our heart broken, lose something, or are rejected; it is because it bests serves our growth for this to happen to us. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt, or even haunt us. What it does mean is that we are being shaped by the experience for something bigger and greater than what we can see. When you navigate heartache this week; keep that in mind and try not to be so hard on yourself, or fall into self-destructive patterns.

Two of Wands:

There is going to be headway made this week in something that lights a fire within us. It could be that you discover a new passion or view of what is important to you. It can also be progress on a passion you have already been cultivating. It is often the case that sheer greatness is born from pain and struggle. Think of every great person’s life story – there is always a monumental propulsion after a period of suffering. Depending on how you are able to navigate your personal struggles this week, you will discover that you are beginning to really make your way down the road that leads to what it is you truly want. Sometimes, the pain is the wake-up call we need to make important changes that keep us on our true paths. Without them, we get comfortable in stasis, and do not move forward as we should.

This is a good week to examine what it is that is really truly important to you in your deep heart of hearts, and then come to the realization that you can embody that if you are willing to put in the work to do it. None of us are doomed to places where we feel bereft or forsaken. We always have the support of the Universe to carry out the work and life that truly makes us feel alive. The problem is that so few of us have the courage to really reach for it.

Be strong this week. Call upon your courage. Call upon your kindness – especially to yourself. Remember that if you do not move when you are called to do so, life has a way of making everything so highly uncomfortable for you that you will have no choice but to act. Focus on the goals, and what is truly important to you, and don’t let yourself drown in despair. Storms never last indefinitely.


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