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Your Weekly Reading: May 24-30, 2020

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Your weekly reading for 5/24/2020 through 5/30/2020:

Have you been feeling the Gemini energy lately? We had a New Moon on Friday, too. Gemini likes to ensure that we feel the full spectrum of emotions; so it was likely that if you found yourself feeling one thing (like sadness) you would also swing to the other extreme to round the experience out (like anger).

This week, I am going to shorten it up a little. I am going to leave out the descriptions of the cards, and go straight to the meaning of them. I feel like people fall off of reading the entire piece because it is so wordy. Still, I am a wordy creature, so get comfortable!

What is the theme this week?

The Ten of Cups:

We should come to a place of emotional alignment this week. Cups are the emotion cards, ruled by the element of water. After last week’s pendulum swings, we should find ourselves rounding out the lessons that were posed and coming to a place where we feel more at ease in our own skin. If you look at this card, the family is so transfixed on the rainbow; they have no idea it is raining. So, this week you will be asked to look at the beauty around you – the wonderful parts of your life that are yours, and to ignore any storm clouds on the horizon.

Advice to help you embody this theme:

The Lovers:

The lovers is all about integration; the successful joining of masculine/feminine, Yin/Yang, or even Dark/Light. Work on integrating the parts of you that make you up as a whole. We find this hard to do at times, because there are parts of us we do not like to look at. However, they are still a part of us, and should be treated with the same love and respect we give to the parts of us we enjoy shining light upon. Don’t hide yourself. Now is not the time to pack the baggage into the back of the closet down the hall.

The Three of Cups:

Again, we have a watery emotion card. Threes are all about communication, and cups are the cards of emotion. The woman is creating a work of art out of the abundance before her, dancing to an unknown rhythm, and us unconcerned by the clouds behind her. This three is rather celebratory in its façade. This card can mean the beginning of a love affair or tryst; but I think that this love affair is one you need to start with yourself. This can also be a card that means community, and it could be that to feel the complete fulfillment of this week’s theme, you need to share a little emotional happiness with those closest to you as well. We always receive more abundance when we are in the state of giving it.

So… Love yourself for who you really are, and beyond that; CELEBRATE IT! Shine your light as you are meant to; shine it on to others and the happiness this week only multiplies, and only turns into positive gains for you on a deep emotional level.

What outcome(s) to expect this week if you follow the advice:

The Moon:

The Moon is another water-ruled card, and speaks of emotional confusion or deep wells of emotion, period. As you go on your journey through the week, remind yourself that when you become deeply contemplative, you may feel confused, but you are in fact carrying out important Soul Work. The best advice I can give anyone who is feeling emotionally vague is to pause what you are doing, and just practice the art of being.

The Nine of Pentacles:

By doing all of this emotional work, and by focusing on your emotions, your light, and your gratitude for that which brings you happiness, you will actually find yourself coming to a place of material abundance and fruition. Nines are completion cards, and pentacles are the earth and the material plane. This is beautiful promise that essentially says “You do you, and you will find yourself well taken care of!”

Use this week wisely, my friends. Do the emotional work of loving yourself and accepting all parts of you. Radiate love outward to those closest to you. See the rainbow, and not the clouds. Don’t get lost in worries about the deep thoughts. You will find that you will be rewarded in surprising ways!

Have a great week!


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