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Do Your Thoughts Create your Reality?

Have you ever heard someone say "Your Thoughts Create your Reality?"

Do you truly believe this yourself?

Have you ever been in a bad mood when you woke up and and dreaded the day that was to come? Did you notice throughout your day that nothing seemed to go right? From the time you got up, dreading your day to that night when you laid your head on the pillow, everything seemed to go wrong.

As your laying there are you asking yourself "Why me?" Why do things always turn out bad for me"?

You may not believe that your thoughts create your Reality, but they do!!

We are all made of Energy and your Thoughts are Energy as well.

If your Negative all the time then that is what the Universe feels you want more of.

That energy/thought that your putting out there is attracting more of the same.

So, instead of waking up each morning Dreading the day that is ahead, Why not Change that pattern to something positive instead?

Start your day out feeling good and saying "Today I am going to have a Great Day and I am so Thankful for the Amazing Situations and People that will come into my Life Today!!

Give it a Try and see the Amazing changes that come into your life :)

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